Ségolène et Alexandra Jacmin

A Denim Wardrobe for Women

Belgian twins, Alexandra Jacmin, who graduated from La Cambre and cut her teeth at Maison Martin Margiela's and Jean Paul Gaultier's design studios, joins her entrepreneur sister Ségolène in 2016 to create a modern wardrobe for women.

Façon stands for manner in French; FAÇON JACMIN stands for an attitude of being and of being dressed.

 In a confused and crowded fashion system, the twins create an authentic collection of garments, almost entirely made out of denim, in indigo and white shades. High quality, real-life clothes for embracing and expressing women at all times, all seasons, all occasions.

​Denim; king of the cult, symbol of youth, functional and durable, the most personal of all materials that dress the body. Constantly breathing above the skin of a woman, moulded on her figure, shaped by her gestures, marked through contact and friction. Cut and formed in all kinds of volumes; elegant, casual, strict, sporty or sensual, the essence lies in that attitude of comfort, confidence and cool charm.

To highlight their charisma, liberate their gestures and gracefully embrace them.