filles a papa
Carol & Sarah Piron

Launched in 2012 by Carol and Sarah Piron, the brand FILLES A PAPA has its roots
in Liège. The sisters were soon joined by fashion photographer Gregory Derkenne
who, beyond his eye for aesthetics, honed the label's ethos. The duo-cum-trio was
quick to understand that fashion and style is a question of identity.
FILLES A PAPA is an attitude, a deliberate rebellious streak and a clothing line in
which the word "contemporary" reveals all its paradoxes and sharpness. Postmodern
you might add, as this celebration of the modern young woman reflects the cynicism
of our time. Behind the propriety of the name [meaning "Daddy's girls"] lies sharp offthe-
peg fashion that attracts boutiques, magazines and it-girls around the world
thanks to its offbeat mood and a perfectly calibrated fit with the here and now.
FILLES A PAPA offers a very distinctive but daringly different wardrobe.
Emerging through its collections and images, which are produced each season like a
manifesto, is the portrait of an heiress who hasn't forgotten to be a rebel or a rock
star who's made her aggressiveness part of her charm. Fuse, combine, hybridize and
surprise, because as philosopher Michel Serres has said, "Nothing makes more
sense than changing the meaning."